WARDO, Servicing under COVID-19

WARDO – Baidoa: Under this unprecedented situation of COVID-19 pandemic, WARDO in collaboration with its partners are implementing their humanitarian activities in the area of their implementation. Under the VFT programme in Baidoa, WARDO staff relentlessly exercising top-up for the registred HH through SCOPE cards. WARDO implemented the Standard Operation Procedures SOP, This SOP is meant to provide preventive guidance to those who work in the middle of the vulnerable people during this prevailing situation.

During the distribution and all activities regarding the implemented programmes and interventions, WARDO conveniently used all possible preventive mechanism form the infection such as training, top-up exercise and any other related activities.

Social Distancing: Is one the best mechanism to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, WARDO implemented the guidelines whilst all HH who came for top-up exercise were ordered to provide at least 1M distance between each other (every two persons in the distribution time), to minimize the spread of the infection.

PPE Usage: Personal Protective Equipment such as Gloves and Masks are very convenient when comes the integration to the beneficiaries, all staff who deal with beneficiaries especially those exercise top-up used the masks and gloves to minimize the spread of the infection.

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