Distribution of Sanitation Tools for Covid-19 in Baidoa

Sanitation and hygiene are very crucial for Human life, it lays the most essential portion for the protection of human health from any form of infectious disease, the need for hygiene and improved sanitation condition is very recurring for the existence and continuation of healthy life. In collaboration with other concerned parts such as Health and WASH clusters and in directive with the southwest state commission for refugee and IDPs SWSCRI, WARDO distributed a sanitation tools for Covid-19 for solid wastes on six (6) selected IDPs in Baidoa, The intervention comes at a time where the Covid-19 pandemic effect is very emergent in SWSS particularly in Baidoa the interim capital city.

To contribute to the wellbeing of the IDP persons and to ease the pressure from the unhealthy environment, on 31st May 2020 WARDO distributed a sanitation tools on 6 selected IDP settlement in Hanaano cluster in Baidoa, these IDPs are Abal-5, Walaq-3, Alan, Jeelow, Roobow feeyly and Kormari, the tools was submitted to the IDP leaders, WARDO has distributed sanitation tools including wheelbarrows, shovels and Rakes for solid waste management on six (6) selected IDPs; the selected IDPs comprised 270 HH, which is about 1620 individuals. The distribution activity was held at the way station center under the administration of the SWSCRI.

As the result of the preliminary assessment showed, there is a poor sanitation which can lead to unhealthy condition if not tackled conveniently, if Gu’ raining comes as expected the situation could be alarming, some of the IDP settlements didn’t get any form of assistance and to promote the hygiene and overall WASH

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