Cycle 3 Entitlements Top-Up for the VFT enrolled HH in Baidoa.

WARDO – Baidoa. The Voucher For Training VFT programme has come to a point where the organization is paying the first and second entitlements for the enrolled beneficiaries/HH. To contribute to the protection of women and girls in Baidoa IDPs, WARDO Completed the registration of 495 HH which equals 2970 individuals out of 500 which equals 3000 individuals which is the target number of the HH to participate in the program and characterized them as the direct beneficiaries. On the other hand, 179 of these registered HH are newly enrolled HH who have not ever been registered to any other programme under WFP.

This initiative is also about to Improve the livelihood condition of the 495 registered women and girls from IDPs during this month of Ramadan, while most of the businesses closed, this toughens the life and creates food insecurity. There are also some other mentionable reasons that might escalate the situation in the IDP members, these include COVID-19, Gu’ raining which effectively spread in the country and might leave trails of devastating floods that also might bring a negative impact.

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