Psychosocial Support PSS Orientation to 100 Health and Protection Workers in Hudur

WARDO – Hudur. The experience of an emergency can significantly impact the psychosocial support wellbeing and development of a child. Exposure to violence, accumulation of stress, loss of or separation from family members and friends, deterioration in living conditions, inability to provide for one’s self and family, increased militarization and divisions in societies and lack of access to services can all have immediate as well as long-term consequences for children, families and communities. Therefore, in regard to all kinds of stress and psychosocial conditions, WARDO in partnership with INTERSOS has gone to conduct orientation and awareness to the social workers on providing psychological first aid and mentoring to the community.

The orientation was given to 100 individuals from the community in many different contexts i.e. community elders, women groups, youth activists, religious leaders, IDP leaders, health professionals, and community volunteers who all have in relation to serve and provide support to the affected population. The orientation was focuses to improve the coping mechanism of people on emotional damage and psychological stress hence, these two days orientation to the community on PSS provides in-depth capacity to taught and equip with knowledge and practice of different kinds of psychological stresses.

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